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Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing

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Best niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

One of the most vexing questions you will have to answer as a prospective Affiliate Marketer is which niche you shall create content about, and monetize using Affiliate Marketing as appropriate. There are a number of factors in play to consider when approaching this important question. The first part of this blog will help you select which niche is most appropriate for you, and the second part lists the best niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2020.

How do I select a niche?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, selecting a niche can be a difficult exercise. You need to look at several parts of the question, which in my opinion and experience are:

Are you interested in the niche?

If you’re not interested in the niche, you’re going to find it very difficult to create content for it unless you are willing to spend money to have it created for you. Think about writing a 2,000 word cornerstone blog post on something you have no interest in – you get the idea. I believe this is the most important factor when it comes to niche selection. Similarly, if you’re looking at creating video content such as a ‘best skate parks in Southern California’ and you have next to no knowledge of skating as  genre, you’re really going to struggle, no matter how well monetized the niche may be.

Can you create content in the niche?

It’s important to be able to create content in the niche. If, for example, you want to create your own youtube channel on dog grooming, and you don’t have a dog, you’re going to find content creation very difficult. Definitely it is possible to pay for the content to be made, but for several reasons this is a poor choice in my opinion. The first of those reasons is that you miss out on the valuable lessons of learning more about your chosen niche when you outsource your content, and secondly you lose quality control of the content itself when asking someone else to do it for you. Notwithstanding the obvious downside that paid content creation costs money up front.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?2020-12-28T13:01:54+11:00

Check out my link here to 25 high paying Affiliate Programs, sent straight to your email.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable 2020?2020-12-28T12:55:08+11:00

Affiliate marketing is definitely a profitable business model when done well. It’s profitability as an industry is increasing year on year currently and it remains a major source of potential passive income.

What are the most profitable niches?2020-11-02T13:28:58+11:00

As answered above, most niches have the potential to be profitable if they have affiliate programs that are relatable to the given niche. It’s tough to say one niche is more profitable than another as it comes down to personal skills, knowledge and interests.

Where can I find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?2020-11-02T13:28:16+11:00

It’s difficult to define one niche as more sustainably profitable than another when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. As discussed in this article, you need to find a niche that suits your existing skills, knowledge and interests. Though one niche may have higher $ value commissions than another, if you can’t create content for it, it’s little use for you.

Is there ‘space’ in the niche?

Though saying that a niche is so ‘saturated’ that money cannot be made is within it is a little defeatist for a beginner, it is true that you need to check out your competition and plan your content accordingly. Some courses in Affiliate Marketing (see my five favourite courses here) talk about ‘crack-filling’; in that you look at a large niche such as ‘make money online’ and you really boil it down to a niche that perhaps has less competition underneath the ‘make money online’ umbrella – think ‘best courses in Amazon FBA’ for example. If you’re planning to go for ‘make money online’ as a niche, you’ve got a mountain of work to do to rank in search results, or else a very large advertising budget.

Can the niche be monetized?

This unfortunately is a binary question for your niche selection. You must be able to monetize traffic to your content for your niche to make money affiliate marketing. Luckily there are many, many affiliate programs out there- whether it’s through an affiliate marketplace like clickbank or direct through the vendor such as amazon or ebay. Really it’s hard to find a niche online that you cannot monetize effectively through affiliate marketing, and if you can’t, there’s no reason you can’t create your own information products and fill a gap in the market that you have discovered.


Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

It’s oft suggested that the things people will pay money for online are how to make money, improved relationships and better health. Though this is very broad it gives a great place for us to start our analysis of the best niches for Affiliate Marketing.

‘How to Make Money’ niche (make money online)

Sub – Niches include:

Online trading (shares, FX etc)

A monstrous niche with large amounts of money involved is the online trading niche. This is a huge field that many people don’t realize also has a strong affiliate marketing aspect. Many online trading platforms, such as say plus500 have affiliate programs based around getting new customers in the door. They can be very lucrative, stating affiliate commissions as high as for example 800USD.

If you have knowledge and interest in online trading, it’s a great niche to look at for affiliate marketing. Also check the terms and conditions of the affiliate program(s) you choose – due to the nature of these programs it may depend on which jurisdiction you reside in as to whether or not you can join their affiliate program.

Example Affiliate Program: plus500

Internet and Digital Marketing

There are many, many topics within the internet and digital marketing space which are great material for blog or other forms of online content. Correspondingly, there are many affiliate programs available in the internet and digital marketing niche for the prospective Affiliate marketer. Under this umbrella are products such as email autoresponders, content management systems, blogger outreach software, social media posting software, and many more.

There’s almost endless content that can be created for this niche, anything from ‘best way to do facebook ads in 2020’ through to ‘how to improve your sales funnel conversion rate’. It’s a favourite of mine, and I guess you could say my blog here is also within this sector.

Example Affiliate Program for this niche: GetResponse

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is something that people are always looking for more information about, as it is a field that affects pretty much all of us. As you would expect there is a wealth of information available on the internet about this topic; one way to really get people interested in your content in this niche is to really speak from your personal experience in this field. An example might be ‘how I paid off my three credit cards in six months’. I’m sure you can imagine how this sort of information is heavily searched for, and if you can give a genuine personal account, it can resonate well with your audience.

I mentioned online trading earlier, this is one aspect of personal finance, also think personal budgeting, being thrifty, best sources of credit, card rewards, paying off debt and so on. See my article on Credit Card Affiliate Programs here.

  • Investment

We’ve looked at online trading which involves the share market, foreign exchange, futures and derivatives market amongst others. Property Investment blogs can also be very popular although may be a bit tricker to find affiliate programs for. If you’re knowledgeable about blockchain and its associated emerging technologies there’s great scope here for content, and many affiliate marketing options available.

Example Affiliate Program for this niche: etoro

Online Business Models

There are many online business models that are regularly searched for and of great interest to specific audiences. Think Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing or influencer marketing. These topics are extremely popular with their specific subset and have great capacity to be monetized. You could create an online course or just write some great ‘how-to’ articles along with some affiliate links.

Example Affiliate Program for this niche: jungle scout

Improved Relationships

One thing that people are willing to part with their money for online is improved relationships. Whether it’s online dating, help with their current relationship or relationship counselling, there is an enormous market online for this field.


Sub-niches include:

Online Dating

Online dating has been a global phenomenon in recent years following the advent of the internet. What many people do not realise is that companies such as eharmony have affiliate programs when you refer a new subscription to their site.

Affiliate Program example: eharmony

Relationship Coaching

Again this is an online phenomenon created to fill an age-old need of building and maintaining relationships. It may be a bit tougher to find a specific affiliate program in but is definitely a niche that content can easily be created for, and is highly sought after.

Better Health

Also high on the list of things people will pay for online is better Health. Of course, it’s fairly obvious without your health that you really don’t have anything. There are many sub-niches within the health sector that are ripe for great content creation and have relevant affiliate programs.


Supplements, especially mail order ones are hugely popular online and form a multi-billion dollar industry. As you would expect, there are many affiliate programs in this niche. Supplementation is not just protein powder – think meal replacements, vitamins, fibre supplements and all-sorts of other products to help improve your health. There’s endless content that can be written on this niche – think of all the different supplements you can try and review.

Affiliate program example: GNC Supplements

Fitness Courses

Online fitness courses are growing in popularity and range form simple online videos to meal plans and even online programs specifically targeted to the particular consumer. This niche is particularly attractive if you yourself are a health and fitness professional – think of the content you could create on optimal training programs that are sport or injury specific.

Mental Health

Sadly mental health is a growing niche and issue within society, and one that content can definitely have content created for it. Perhaps you or someone you know has had issues with their own mental health and has a story that you can share. Also, you could be a mental healthcare professional that has a particular treatment or technique you want to create content for.


This is another monster niche that is only getting bigger. From the likes of Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn in the 80’s and 90’s, this genre has grown markedly in popularity. It’s a fantastic one to create content for and has high volume search traffic available. There definitely are Affiliate programs available in this niche.

Example: Tony Robbins Affiliate Program



By no means are Affiliate limited to the three general niches I have listed above, being making money, better relationships and better health. Below as a bonus are some other niches that have high search volumes and the possibility of monetization.

Travel niche

You cant go far on YouTube without finding a travel vlogger. There is a huge amount of highly consumed content out there on one of the things that is high on everyone’s to do list. It’s also highly monetizable whether it be through affiliate links, travel guides or some other method. Not only is vlogging highly searched for, travel is a great way to answer searched for questions such as; ‘how do I get my visa extended?’ or ‘what’s the best way to visit the Angkor Wat temples?’. Hopefully examples such as these give you an idea to the vastness of the niche and how it is possible to create winning and sought after content within travel.

I’ve written an article ‘best travel affiliate programs’ that goes into considerably more depth on affiliate programs available in the travel niche.

Example affiliate program: agoda.com

Fashion and Beauty niche

As you might expect fashion and beauty are heavily searched for online, ranging from YouTube videos about the best way to apply eyeliner to blog articles on the latest fashion ‘must-haves’. Again, this niche is monetizable be it through ecommerce / dropshipping, affiliate links (most large online retailers have an affiliate program) or gated content (think online courses on makeup application).

Example affiliate program asos UK

In Summary

In the end, there are so many effective niches for Affiliate Marketing, and I hope this article gives you some clarity as to the best Affiliate Marketing niche for 2020. Ultimately, I recommend you review the early section of this article – you need to select a niche that you can happily create content on, that is monetizable and that you have a good working knowledge of. Remember by creating content in the hope that people will watch and click through on you are effectively positioning yourself as an ‘expert’ in the field, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Affiliate Disclaimer: In case you were in any sort of doubt, yes, I’m an Affiliate in some manner for some of these programs and products. I like to practice what I preach. If you are intending to utilise any of these offers I’d love if you went through one of these links to support my site.

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