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Beginner Affiliate Courses

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Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners

I’ve spent some time compiling what I believe are the best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners that are available online. Affiliate Marketing can be a tough nut to crack for someone starting out but with some expert tuition from any one of these courses you can join their ranks of successful affiliate marketing graduates. I believe Affiliate Marketing can be an exceptional source of passive income (though believe me you will do the work up front). The learning curve can be considerably shortened by leaning in to courses such as those looked at below, many of which have online help available when you have the inevitable questions.

Firstly, What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has been around in one form or another for a long time. Basically, it means taking a commission for recommending a customer to a business that is not yours that results in a sale. In the internet and web age, that translates to the following for you as the Affiliate Marketer – you have content, in which you have a link recommending an affiliate product. If a customer clicks on that link, goes through to a vendor website and buys a product – you earn a commission at the rate specified by the vendor. Simple but not easy. Amazon has a huge and one of the best known Affiliate programs (though I wouldn’t recommend it due to the small rate of their commissions.) Say you have a website that talks about 42 inch tv’s and the pros and cons of several models. You may choose to link through to Amazon with an Affiliate link. Hey presto, the customer clicks on this link and buys a TV for delivery from Amazon, and boom, you have a small commission. Commission size varies greatly from vendor to vendor and can range from 1% of the purchase price, through to 100% of the initial fee, or fixed commissions that can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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What are the highest paying affiliate programs?2020-12-28T13:01:54+11:00

Check out my link here to 25 high paying Affiliate Programs, sent straight to your email.

How do I become an Affiliate Marketer?2020-12-28T12:59:22+11:00

To become an Online Affiliate Marketer, you need to sign up for at least one Affiliate Program.You then use the link you obtained to drive traffic to the vendor offering the program. How do you do this? You need to create content that is attractive for potential customers of the product on offer, and drive enough traffic through the link to make sales. Simple concept that takes some skill to make work.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable 2020?2020-12-28T12:55:08+11:00

Affiliate marketing is definitely a profitable business model when done well. It’s profitability as an industry is increasing year on year currently and it remains a major source of potential passive income.

What are the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners?2020-09-01T14:56:28+10:00

That’s what this article attempts to help you with. I’ve listed some of the best and most affordable affiliate marketing courses in the market, with a short synopsis on why I think each one is helpful and relevant.

Is affiliate marketing for beginners?2020-09-01T14:54:33+10:00

Everyone has to start somewhere – there’s no easy way around it. By using courses such as those mentioned in this article you will get a good handle on how hard it is to start affiliate marketing, and where to start.

What is the best affiliate marketing training for beginners?2020-09-01T14:53:42+10:00

In this article I have listed some of the best training that is out there for beginner Affiliate Marketers. It can definitely help you short circuit your path to profitability. I can say that some of the best training you will receive is trial and error, making mistakes and learning for them in this game like any other.

What are some of the best Affiliate Marketing Courses online?

Yes, as promised, here are five of the best online beginner Affiliate marketing courses available.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge social network like platform as it says ‘designed for Affiliate Marketers of all Levels’. It’s a fantastic, well run way to learn how to go about Affiliate Marketing as a beginner. It has training that is exceptional, with a ‘Certification’ that can be achieved as an Online Entrepreneur. Wealthy Affiliate includes the ability to create websites, the potential to get the first month of use free, has live events, shows research, and basically is a one stop shop on how to become successful in Affiliate Marketing. As well as this, as you grow as an Affiliate Marketer, Wealth Affiliate is able to grow with you.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a more than agreeable price point to start with, and is available on a subscription basis. It has a decent size community of members. As mentioned above, it has the ability to create and host your own website which makes it fairly unique in comparison to other courses available online.

One thing that largely is not covered in Wealthy Affiliate is paid traffic, whether it be from Native Ads, Facebook, Google Adwords or other paid methods. This perhaps is not so important for beginners, it’s definitely better to use free sources of traffic to begin with unless you are prepared to burn tons of money to get to a successful formula. See below ‘best strategies for beginner affiliate marketers’ for my take on this.

Income School

Income school and their Project24 have become a real hit on Youtube thanks to the value given out by their founders, Jim and Ricky (check Youtube for some of their excellent videos). Their technique is to basically slowly build Google SEO web traffic to your content filled website. I really like these guys basically thanks to their ongoing contribution on Youtube. As to their system and techniques, it’s great, but you really need to be confident with writing lots and lots of copy and content for your site, or pay someone to do so. It also takes time – don’t expect instant results. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, stick to the stock market!

Income school largely talks about using SEO for search engines to drive traffic to your results. They also talk through website creation and optimization, which are highly useful topics for any beginner affiliate marketers.

Clickbank University

clickbank university

Clickbank University has an extremely well-priced course that is based on a subscription model in the same manner as Wealthy Affiliate. As the name suggests, Clickbank University is a product of the Clickbank network, which is a huge online affiliate marketing network.

Clickbank University has an absolute wealth of information available as part of its offering. It includes not only information on how to be an effective affiliate, but also resources such as a huge section on traffic generation, copywriting and also interestingly on how to be an affiliate vendor through clickbank; basically this means if you have your own product and want to sell it through affiliates, which can be a highly effective way to market.

Clickbank University has a real advantage in that it’s directly linked to the Clickbank Network, and as such gives some great insights on how to use the Clickbank platform.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

affiliate marketing mastery

If you’ve been interested in Affiliate Marketing and on Youtube for long enough, most likely you will have come across Stefan James’ many videos on wealth creation and lifestyle. He gives some great value in his Youtube videos, and as part of his course, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, the trend is continued.

He focuses on the strength of building a brand through platforms like Youtube and Social Media. As part of this, there is an emphasis on giving customers value as part of your process. Tis program is easy to follow along and great if you are looking to go down the personal branding route. One major drawback of the course is the high expense that is required to join it.

Savage Affiliates

One of the best content-rich and affordable online affiliate marketing courses, Savage Affiliates will be useful to you especially if you are a beginner to the online affiliate marketing space. This course is particularly well structured is available at two price points, both extremely affordable. The first of these covers all the usual SEO, funnel and website setup information, which is well worth the introductory price of approximately $200 USD. For only an extra $100 USD you can get some really useful done for you marketing funnels and blueprints that really help you with most of the hard work done.

Savage Affiliates is a great way to get your affiliate marketing business up and running and start bringing in Affiliate Commissions. Its founder, Franklin Hatchett, is a very active Youtuber who by now I’m sure you will have come across. The course itself is regularly updated with new and valuable content. Maybe the best thing about Savage Affiliates is the reasonable asking price for full access. It’s considerably cheaper than similar course content out there that can be up to 10X the price.

Savage Affiliates also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Best strategies for Beginner Affiliate Marketing

There is no one best strategy for a beginner affiliate marketer. One of the best ways to determine which way to go about affiliate marketing is determined by your budget. Basically, paid advertising, as the name suggests, can be expensive, especially as you burn marketing budget figuring out how to make ads that convert.

If you have a budget that is under approx. 10K USD, there are a few valid options you can use. One of the best of these is Youtube – if you’re prepared to get in front of a camera and build a loyal audience, Youtube is a great option. It’s the second highest used search engine after Google. From Youtube you can direct people to your site or even link directly to your affiliate vendor offers in the description that is provided by Youtube with every video. Another big plus for Youtube is that you can get paid for your content directly, in the form of ad revenue (you know those pesky ads that pop up during your Youtube videos…)

If you’re a bit more adventurous and tech savvy, or maybe you don’t want to appear in front of a camera, you can create content on a website and attempt to rank it on Google. Good old fashioned SEO is hard to beat as a way to get engaged traffic to your site. The biggest benefit of SEO is the buying intent and interest level of the searcher – if you can manage to rank for a high buying intent keyword, traffic to your site will flow. Keyword selection is a topic that is worth several blogs in itself but try to go for keywords that are low competition and high volume (finding such keywords is easier said than done however). For a simple guide to Affiliate Marketing SEO, check out my post here.

If you have a decent budget and are prepare to risk money to buy paid traffic, Facebook, Native Ads and Adwords can be great places to drive traffic to your site. Again there is both art and science to each of these techniques and take some time to be mastered.

What do you do once you get traffic

Generating traffic is probably the biggest part of the battle when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, and should be respected as the important part of affiliate marketing that it is. Conversion, that is getting people to click on the affiliate link and buy is another crucial factor, but a factor that is often missed by beginner affiliate marketers is retention of customers.

Think of it this way. You go to the effort of attracting visitors to your site, ranking your site, and getting traffic to convert to customers when they click on your affiliate link. But when they click on that link, they are effectively lost to you. There is a better way! When they reach your content, you can offer them value in the form of a lead magnet (see my guide here on how this can be done). This is in exchange for their email address. Now you have a way to contact your customers as you see fit (within legal restrictions of course).

You can make a well thought out email sequence using a tool such as Getresponse (see my article here for more information). This can be used to retain and engage customers and also to create traffic back to your site, or direct affiliation if done right. I’m an unabashed fan of Getresponse as a way to engage your audience through email, and really it’s a full stack marketing platform that utilizes facebook ads, landing pages and marketing automation just to name a few of its myriad of features.

Yes you definitely can just link off to your affiliate offer, but you may lose the customer to your own content in the process. There’s no customer like a repeat customer and being able to direct customers back to your content through email or off to another affiliate offer (while educating and adding value in the process, never forget to do that) is a very powerful tool.


The Washup

These five courses are in my opinion five of the best programs available for beginner affiliate marketers. As a beginner it can be overwhelming to work out where to start with Affiliate Marketing, so picking and sticking with one course can prevent the almost inevitable exposure to so-called ‘shiny object syndrome’. If you are an beginner affiliate marketer I highly recommend that you pick one of these courses to guide you on your journey. It may depend on what style of content as to which course you choose – be it video, written or other.

Affiliate Disclaimer: In case you were in any sort of doubt, yes, I’m an Affiliate in some manner for some of these programs and products. I like to practice what I preach. If you are intending to utilise any of these offers I’d love if you went through one of these links to support my site.

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