Your guide and review of Getresponse Pricing – leading autoresponder and email marketing platform

Let’s start with my opinion – Getresponse is the best all-round autoresponder and marketing platform available to the affiliate marketer, and has a pricetag that is more than reasonable. In fact Getresponse pricing is more than competitive in the autoresponder market. So, after getting that out of the way, let me prove it to you in this article.

Getresponse Pricing Structure

Getresponse has four main pricing tiers, being Basic, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. As you would expect, the higher the tier the more features are available through the platform. The price also increases as your list size grows. Here’s a simple graph showing the increase in price compared to the list size – as you can see, though there is a sizeable difference at at lower numbers of email subscribers, as you increase, it’s worth going with a higher plan to gain access to the full features.

Getresponse pricing compared to nearest competitors

Comparing the ‘Basic’ plan to other similar providers,

Getresponse costs $4 less than Aweber on a monthly plan of similar features (See my article here for an in depth comparison of these two)

Getresponse costs $14 less than Campaign Monitor for a similar plan

As I said earlier in this article, Getresponse is an affordable option for your email marketing list, and compares favourably to its closest competitors.

One of Getresponses best features for anyone looking to get into affiliate or online marketing is that it offers a free thirty day trial. You won’t need your credit card until you decide to buy at the end of the period, which I have no doubt you will consider!

Features – value for money? Getresponse Pricing Plans

So why would you choose Plus over basic, or professional over the other two? As mentioned earlier, there is an increase in the number of features as you go up the plan price scale. Getresponse is a multi-featured platform, and offers more than just a simple email platform.

Going through the features available on each plan with an explanation of each:

Available on Basic Plan

Email Marketing – A fully featured offering including emails out to your list, a large number of template emails that have great designs to make your job easy, the ability to send attachments, timed emails, a fantastic way to engage your audience.

Autoresponders – Not only can you send out single emails and newsletters, you can also use the autoresponder function – say someone subscribes to your list, you can send them emails on a regular basis at a delay of say, one day in between. This function works hand in hand with marketing automation.

Unlimited landing pages – Need somewhere to direct your social offers? Meet Getresponse’s landing page functionality. Getresponse has a fantastic landing page builder that makes building a page a breeze for desktop and mobile, something even a relative web newbie can figure out. Like emails there are also a large number of templates to help get you started and looking professional.

Unlimited Automation Templates – If you have become more effective in your marketing and reached the point were marketing automation has become your friend, even at the basic plan Getresponse has a solution for you. Welcome and thankyou emails, Birthday emails and follow ups are all available. The complexity of the automation you need may be a good reason to up your plan depending on what automation you need. See the Getresponse pricing page for more information.

One Sales Funnel & Unlimited Lead Funnels – Getresponse allows for Sales Funnels – basically allowing you to take payment for an offer right on the landing page as part of their exception sales funnel process. As well as this, there are unlimited Lead Funnels – perfect for getting people on your list. Think of this as an affiliate marketing heaven – top of funnel you could utilize Getresponse’s Facebook ads functionality, leading to a landing page, to be followed up by an email autoresponder campaign through you guessed it, Getresponse.

Facebook Ads – As briefly mentioned, Getresponse has the ability to integrate beautifully with Facebook Ads forming an excellent top of funnel solution.

E-products –  Getresponse will love your ecommerce, with things like custom delivery emails and Abandoned order recovery.

Forms and Surveys – Utilise exit popups, inline forms and surveys all through Getresponse

Plus plan extends in volume from were Basic left off.

Automation Builder (5 workflows) – the ability to determine your own marketing automation, and what to do depending on what action your audience takes.

Webinars (100 attendees) – The most underutilized way to sell any information product – webinars are available even on the Plus plan; up to 100 attendees. Webinars are increasingly part of the marketing and Affiliate Marketing landscape, and here’s a platform that has it all built in.

Contact Scoring and tagging – This is a great way to custom separate your list by scoring them based on their interaction with your emails.

Up to 3 users rather than just one

Sales Funnels is increased to 5

Webinar funnels are up to 5


Professional –

Unlimited Automation builder

Paid Webinars – charge your customers for their attendance

Webinars – up to 300 attendees

Unlimited Sales and Webinar funnels

Up to 5 users

On-demand Webinars


Enterprise –

Get an account manager! Many more features available at this level.


Full length Funnel

As an Affiliate Marketer, I have no doubt that you are familiar with what a marketing funnel is and how powerful it can be if done right. Getresponse has all bases covered for the full length of the funnel. Here I have stepped out what Getresponse does to provide an in-platform solution at each of these points.

Getresponse Sales Funnel

Top-of-Funnel – Generate traffic

Ever advertised on Facebook or Instagram? Getresponse is a great way to get ahead of the pack. You can create, manage and optimize Facebook and Instagram Ads right inside Getresponse. Getresponses platform for Facebook Ads, dare I say it is easier to handle than Facebook’s clunky ads manager. It’s a simple four step process, and offers so much simplicity and flexibility. Not only can you manage your ads, set a budget and create ads, you can remarket using Getresponse if you have utilized the facebook pixel.


Now you’ve generated some traffic, send it to your:

Landing Pages

In the middle is your landing, or ‘squeeze’ page. As I mentioned earlier, I find Getresponse’s landing pages to be one of the easiest to use in the market, let alone the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your Getresponse marketing funnel. Templates make it easy to get a page up and running, and there’s easy access to shutterstock stock images and gifs. The landing page builder is drag and drop and makes life easy for the inexperienced. The builder allow for responsive design as well. In built to the landing page builder is the ability to split test with A/B testing, and the ability to build alternative pages to be served to your audience.


Got an engaged audience to your landing page? Get them to connect

Getresponse has you covered here too. Web forms and exit pop-ups ahoy. Again Getresponse has an elegant solution to the sticky webform question. Also, their exit pop-ups have some inbuilt intelligence that minimize the ‘annoyance’ factor to your audience, and help with sign-ups. Getresponse forms have everything you need to get your GDPR compliance right too.


So they’ve signed up to your form. What next?

Email Marketing is what you would expect from an offering such as Getresponse, and it’s bread and butter for the platform as mentioned earlier in this article. You can also use webinars to connect with your customers. Emails within Getresponse allow for custom and dynamic content (think client name, specific product names) and split testing to see which email content best resonates with your customers. As mentioned elsewhere in this article, this email marketing can be used to effectively integrate with your ecommerce platform, payment gateway, website or CRM.

Another excellent feature of Getresponse is labelled by the as ‘Perfect timed emails’. This basically is a way of helping improve your all-important email open rate by ensuring that the autoresponse emails you are sending arrive in the inbox of your target customer at the best possible time for it to be opened. I can only imagine the big data research and Artificial Intelligence that went into providing this feature – and it’s available through Getresponse through even their basic plan. Over a large number of emails, an increase in open and click rate of only a few percent can make a massive difference to your conversion rate, and that all important sales revenue.

If you want to sell direct..

You can use Getresponse to sell direct with sales pages and order templates. It also integrates with most major ecommerce platforms to do things like abandoned cart emails. Most major online payment processors are accepted and upsells and order confirmations are all part of the story. Think of the simplicity of integrating this all into the one platform – it just makes life so much easier than mucking around with API’s, flaky payment gateways, multiple platforms and difficult web design.

To repeat using Marketing Automation

I thought it was worth mentioning again as one of the most prescient features of Getresponse. Marketing Automation and Automation Workflows are all of a sudden within your reach as an affiliate marketer. You can tell your workflow to react to how your audience behaves by giving options based on was your email opened, did they click a link within the email, and for ecommerce, hit up your cart abandoners, and so on. This is great for customizing and having a genuine conversation with the people who are behind the email address that has subscribed. Lead scoring and tagging allow you to send more relevant and personal emails, and help you identify customers and segments that are ripe for an email tailored to their need. Best of all, a lot of common workflow automations are already built out for you within the tool , making adaptation to your particular need so much simpler.

If you’re in the ecommerce game, marketing automation is a real benefit using Getresponse. You can set up follow ups, cart abandonment winbacks, recommendations based on prior purchases, and targeted emails. All these can make a real difference to your ecommerce revenue, and your bottom line.


Because Getresponse has in-house so many exceptional features, you may never need to use this final one. Like any responsible email marketing platform, Getresponse integrates brilliantly with a nearly any other platform worth its salt in the ecommerce, marketing, advertising, CRM and Social space, to mention just a few. It currently has 130 direct integrations, and through a bigger API aggregator like Zapier, hundreds more.

Think of how many possibilities this opens up for your online world. You could have bing ads feeding traffic into your Getresponse sales funnels, taking payments with stripe, and saving your customer details into a CRM such as Salesforce.


In Summary

So you can see why I’m a big fan of Getresponse and why it is much more than just an autoresponder or email marketing platform. Getresponse Pricing is also more than competitive I’m sure you’ll agree. The above shows a simple explanation of a use case for marketing funnel, be it sales or lead generation, that can be effectively built and serviced through Getresponse. You can see that Getresponse builds on and encapsulates a number of previously disparate functions that required a number of different individual programs. It really is a powerhouse helping your marketing grow, with email being just the tip of the iceberg.

Getresponse Bonus for Affiliate Marketers

The biggest bonus of Getresponse for Affiliate Marketers is that you are allowed to put affiliate links in Getresponse emails, as long as you are not spamming your audience list. See my article here on why a provider such as Mailchimp is not suitable for an affiliate marketer. Not many platforms allow you to affiliate market, check out another one of my articles here on some tips for autoresponder email compliance.

Affiliate Disclaimer: In case you were in any sort of doubt, yes, I’m an Affiliate in some manner for some of these programs and products. I like to practice what I preach. If you are intending to utilise any of these offers I’d love if you went through one of these links to support my site.