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Post some content, get some traffic, get your affiliate links clicked on, get commissions on sales. Sounds simple, right? Well though it may be conceptually simple in practice it’s not that easy.


First of all, you need to solve the content problem. You need to make or create content that your readers, listeners or viewers want to engage with. People are no longer fooled by content that is clickbait or a quick grab for cash. Check out my posts on email affiliate marketing for creating content on Affiliate Marketing.


Created Content? Well, you need to get it in front of some people to form your audience. You might get lucky and put up a youtube video or blog post and it goes viral.. but chances are you will not. You need to get traffic to your site, or content of any form. I’ve written some articles on Affiliate Marketing SEO and Fast Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing looking at some aspects of this question.


Affiliate Networks and links are easy enough to sign up to in most cases, but make sure it’s a product that you resonate with, can create content about and can monetize effectively.


Don’t forget that once a customer leaves your site to a vendor via an affiliate link, they are gone, maybe never to return. There are ways you can retain customers – see email affiliate marketing for more information.

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