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best Affiliate Credit Card Programs

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Affiliate Credit Card Programs

The credit card sector is a vastly growing one in the affiliate marketing industry. With people showing more and more interest in seeking credit cards for their needs, affiliate marketers have seen this practice as a potential opportunity to extract and grow their business. The niche is so highly compensating that marketers earn anywhere between $25 to $150 for a single sale. Since the credit card industry is worth a significant sum of the US $3.32 trillion per year, credit card affiliate marketing giants are churning six figures every month. As surprising it may sound, it is actually possible. In this article we will break down Affiliate Credit Card Programs and how you can use them to bring in affiliate income.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is basically a new marketing tool by which businesses join hands with bloggers, influencers, or marketers to promote their products. With continually evolving promotion techniques, every sector needs to keep its products and marketing tactics updated. That is where affiliate programs boost sales by informing customers of products they are getting paid for to promote. The same is the case for affiliate credit card programs.

Benefits of Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Apart from the possible huge earnings for themselves, credit card affiliate marketers are undeniably helping customers learn their way through the overwhelming world of credit cards. For first time customers, choosing a credit card can get quite confusing, and credit card affiliate programs can genuinely help. Although before getting into business, one must consider that it is comparatively difficult to get approvals for credit card affiliate programs due to current US laws and legal constraints.

To be an affiliate credit card marketer, one does not necessarily need to be from the finance sector. You only need to have enough knowledge of the perks offered by a particular credit card to inform your readers.

Are affiliate programs legit?2020-11-02T13:48:10+11:00

Yes absolutely, though each affiliate program obviously has its own terms and conditions you must abide by. Definitely Credit Card Affiliate Programs are legitimate although they can be hard to join.

What is the best affiliate program to join?2020-11-02T13:47:13+11:00

In this article I’ve listed seven of the best credit card affiliate programs in my opinion. They are:

  • Credit.com
  • BankAffiliates.com
  • CreditCardBroker.com
  • Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate Network
  • Commission Soup
  • OpenSky
  • Luxury Card

In this article I’ve listed more information about each.

How much do credit card affiliates make?2020-11-02T13:45:17+11:00

For each affiliate sale, depending on the terms of the vendor, range from approximately $25 to $150 per sale. Obviously from there how much an affiliate can make is determined by the number of sales.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program?

The list of all the credit card affiliate programs is extensive; however, some specifics should be kept in mind before choosing an affiliate credit card program.

High Commission Earnings

Monetary compensation is one of the many essential aspects of doing any job. When you decide to invest your time and efforts into promoting products (as required to do in affiliate programs), they rather are paying you well. With credit card affiliate programs, high earnings are a definite advantage. Financial product promotions can result in lucrative payouts, and credit card affiliate programs can earn you at least $25 or even up to $125.

Offers that Attract Audience

It is viable to go for credit card affiliate programs that have offers that spark customers’ interests. Choosing such an affiliate program will increase your audience as well. Customers can seek a variety of offers when choosing credit cards. Some desire cash backs, rewards points, while others prefer travel miles, etc. Do consider the perks associated with different credit cards. When you decide to get into credit card affiliate marketing, make sure that the product you choose to promote offers some kind of assistance to its customers; it can help them raise their credit or offer other incentives such as reward points, etc.

Affiliate Assistance to Promote Products

One of the best things about credit card affiliate programs is that the businesses don’t just leave you to fend for yourselves. You aren’t required to promote the products all on your own, and assistance is provided in many forms. Affiliate marketers are provided with creatives that are designed to improve conversions. Credit card affiliate marketing-managers and technological assistance is offered to improve results. Although there aren’t many affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions, those are definitely not the ones to miss if you get connected with one.

The Best Affiliate Credit Card Programs




Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate Network

Commission Soup


Luxury Card


Credit.com is almost like all finance solutions under one umbrella. They provide services such as loans, personal finance, credit cards, and credit improvement. Credit.com is quite a decent option for your affiliate credit card program because they have a lot to offer. A choice of 60 different credit cards is available, including the leading industry giants such as Master Card, American Express, Visa, Chase, Barclay, and many more.

They are capable of providing the largest payouts in the credit card sector though it is difficult to assess what you will make as they do not post the information on their website.

The credit card offer conversions are high, and they have a long list of cards to choose from. Such a long list is of credit cards is sure to have almost all the perks that will attract and satisfy all kinds of customers. The benefits include reward points, balance transfers, cash cards, student cards, business cards, airline miles, gas cards, and even more.

Something to keep in mind is that it is not possible to promote an individual credit card available on credit.com. Once you enter into business, your affiliate marketing will be used to promote credit.com, and users can search through its offerings for a credit card that suits their needs best.


This is a performance-based affiliate platform that offers the usual finance services of credit, insurance, lending, and retail banking. They boast of offering exclusive benefits that are not provided by any other business and produce some of the sector’s highest commissions payouts. Their financial affiliate program portfolio includes Credit Sesame, Discover, Options House, Lending Club, SmarterBank, Lendio, The Street, and even more. Their affiliate management system is quite advanced, enabling them to target the audience generated by your affiliate program and provide compensations accordingly. They hold contests and offer monthly bonuses to keep affiliate programs active.

They also run a CC affiliate program through which marketers can earn commissions for each call they make. Since it is not a very easy decision to choose a credit card, it is always good to get informed well upon the subject, and such sales calls can definitely turn potential leads into prospective clients.


This one has more than 25 different financial products on its portfolio. Out of such a number, you are sure to find the one to promote that will attract an audience and churn you a good income. CreditCardBroker.Com offers loans, merchant accounts, stock trading accounts, credit reports, and secured and unsecured credit cards. The commissions are dependent upon the product you choose to promote and are only extended when a lead successfully turns into an approved customer. It is not easy to get to promote this network’s products, and you can only do so if you have a website that enjoys a large number of audience. Although not the easiest target to achieve, the efforts are totally worth the while in commission compensations. You can sell other products too instead of credit cards while being in an affiliate program with this one and earn up to $325 on selling a personal loan, for instance.

Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate Network

You get access to the leading credit card companies such as Citi, American Express, Capital, and many more. Your affiliate credit card program is backed by their personal affiliate management team and award-winning creative content. You can use in-site tools, co-branding, and data feeds to promote their credit card affiliate programs.

Commission Soup

Commission soup provides you with access to the credit card affiliate giants such as American Express, Capital One, Credit One, and many more. Commission soup acts as an intermediary for financial companies that do not run their own affiliate programs. To help you with your credit card affiliate experience, you will have an account rep’s help to plan out the most lucrative marketing strategies and upgrade output.

Their technology also proves to be of great help with optimizing ad placement and tacking and upgrading performance.


OpenSky is an affiliate credit card program by Capital Bank. This one is the best program to help those that have bad credit standing. Because a Secured Visa Credit Card backs it, it doesn’t base its approvals on credit history. Although great for those with a low credit standing, the card doesn’t come with many perks, mainly for the same reason, so that people try to maintain and work for a good credit position again. The card has an annual fee of $35, which seems like a fair price to improve the credit situation.

Luxury Card

As the name suggests, this credit card is quite premium and is typically associated with a particular class of clients. The card offers excellent perks of cashback, air miles, and access to airport lounges. Because luxury is the basis of its marketing, the commission that you can make by entering into an affiliate credit card program with this one is quite luxurious, too; about $405. You heard that right! Commissions for affiliate credit card programs rarely go as high as for this one.

How Do Affiliates Promote Credit Cards?

It isn’t necessary to be in the finance sector to promote credit cards. The best way to promote is by knowing your audience well. Only if you know your audience well will you be able to assess what attracts them the most, and whichever credit card suits their needs, that is the one you choose to promote as well. If your audience can relate to your promotion, there are high chances for business to gain customers through your channel, which will, in return, get you your commission income.

The market for credit cards is enormous, and there is always a credit card for every customer. You just need to keep an eye on who is following you; for instance, if your viewers are frequent travelers, choose to promote a credit card that comes with airline miles perks. If your audience is based on students, there are many student cards available on the market. The point is, each credit card offers unique benefits; you just need to do your research well enough to know which one offers what. It isn’t necessary that your entire audience may be interested in the same thing, and thankfully, all credit cards provide a variety of perks and not just one. Choose the credit card with a set of benefits that encourages your group of viewers to invest in that product.

A few things to keep in mind when promoting credit cards is to make sure you list them on a resource page on your website. Make sure to write relevant articles on your blog to provoke readers’ interests to invest in credit cards. Vigorously promote the credit cards you choose to market on social media because it has the highest reach nowadays. It is also a great idea to do email marketing to support your favorite credit cards or add a banner to your sidebar. These small efforts can take you a long way in your commission earning. Remember that the more you promote, the more potential leads turn into prospective customers, and the more commission you earn.

While promoting credit cards, ensure that you aren’t bombarding your audience with entirely new irrelevant information. Such kind of promotion may not appear as organic to the viewers. It is always better to relate your credit card promotions with subjects you have established your viewership on because that is how you gained your audience in the first place. Create relevance between the credit card promotion and other materials that you usually support so that it all makes sense to your audience and appears to be an organic and helpful suggestion.

Things to Remember!

It might not be easy to get into an affiliate credit card program because the businesses might be choosy initially. If you will be entering the credit card affiliate sector for the first time, it is better to get into some beginner programs first. After a while, when you have had enough experience with working in affiliate programs, you can work your way up to larger businesses.

The affiliate credit card programs are quite a substantial market. Once you get the hang of it and enter into a lucrative business opportunity with one of the high paying credit cards, your commissions can be quite impressive, and all the effort will come to pay off.


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