The Ultimate SERPWatcher Review

Researching for the keyword and also tracking the entire keyword ranking may be an extremely challenging process. But, most people think about; why must I have to track my keyword? Well, if you want to develop and initiate some significant growth in your internet business or blog, then tracking your keyword is extremely crucial and of course, a part of the process. This process is difficult if you handle it manually. However, thanks, I am introducing software that will help you to crack all these problems. SERPWatcher will certainly assist you in the processes. How? Well, in this SERPWatcher Review, you will get more details on how the software can help you in finding keywords as well as ranking them to make the whole work easier than ever.

SERPWatcher Keyword Software will provide you with unique and compelling metrics. In fact, Mangools, the software developer have changed the keyword rank tracking process with a brand new metrics that they have built. Some of these powerful and unique metrics include the estimated visit per month and dominance index. SERPWatcher Keyword Tool will find the keywords which you want to track, the ranking for the keywords found and finally calculate the dominance index from all these information. In fact, according to the software developer, this dominance index usually represents your organic traffic share depending on the current positions as well as the weight of your tracked keyword. The metric range from 0 to 100.

On the other hand, SERPWatcher software tells you the estimated visit result for a particular keyword and also an estimate with all the keywords. This is an excellent idea since all the SEO consultant can now explain to their clients the perfect amount of visits that were available per month. The software also produces another excellent graph page to represent the estimated visit for a particular month.

Great Features of SERPWatcher Keyword Software

  • Biggest changes feature
  • Keyword Ranking Distribution
  • Ability to track globally and locally
  • Sharing, reports, and Alerts

The Biggest Changes Feature is divided into two broad categories, the bad and good. The good group will explain to you your top changes within your keyword ranking, while the bad, on the other hand, will explain some of the most negative changes in your keyword ranking. When you have a positive ranking, you can start correlating your SEO strategies toward a particular keyword that you are ranking. When you get the negative ranking, it is possible to use the data and start investigating what went wrong and improved.

The Sharing, Report, and Alerts features is an amazing one, and I am writing this SERPWatcher Review since I never experience software which can implement some sorts of Reporting, Share and Alerting functionality. This is impressive because if you want to share your ranking report with clients, partners, or visitors, all you are required to do is to press the “Share Report” button. SERPWatcher is a user-friendly software because of its simple design and friendliness of the program.

As you can discover on this SERPWatcher review, the tool is great, especially for those who want to get in the SEO business. If you want to benefit from the Mangool’s important SEO Metrics, be part of the revolution, enjoy impressive features, it is wise if you consider SERPWatcher Keyword Ranking Software. It will give you accurate data that are grouped into pretty graphs and features.

SERPWatcher is available here.