The RankActive Software Review.

Rankactive is no longer my preferred Search Engine tool, please check out SERPWatcher Review (here) for my current preference

No matter whether you are a master of your field or just a small business owner, you will invest your money and time in something called SEO. In fact, new fads in SEO are emerging each year, and if what you require is to rank high on any search engine, you are apparently going to need a software to monitor your backlinks, manage your keyword data, compare your analytics, spy on your competitors ranking, and also improve your page ranking for better Off page or On page Optimization. This is what RankActive Keyword software offers. In this post, I am going to consider a well-detailed RankActive Review, the all-in-one Search Engine Optimization Software.

RankActive is an outstanding all-in-one SEO software platform for Webmaster, SEOs and Online Marketers. The software allows you to spy on your competitors, track online presence, keep a sharp eye on the progress of your online business and of course, improve your overall ranking in the search engines. It comes with super strong features such as Backlinks Explore, Rank Tracker, Website Analytics, Site Auditor among other. It has a user-friendly interface that assists you in analyzing the information and also, produces a qualitative report for your entire site.

Great Features and Products of RankActive Software

  • Competitor Inspector
  • Site Audit
  • Top Analyzers
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Analytics
  • Project Report
  • Backlinks Explore
  • Brand Monitor

Rank Tracker is one of the most differentiated services provided by RankActive Software and when using Rank Tracker, it is possible to track your ranking on your site easily. Here, you can also analyze some crucial parameters such as the Estimated Traffic Value, Visibility, Search Volume, Average Keyword Position, Ranked Keywords, Keyword Rank Checker, among others.

After connecting your site with Google Analytic Account, the product of Analytic offers you all sorts of data about Keywords, Visitors, Conversion Rates, Page views, among others. The Analytic product has five main sub categories such as Traffic Sources, Audience Analytics, Content Analysis, E-Commerce and Conversion, and Settings. On the other hand, the Competitors Product allows you to spy on your rivals it includes the Traffic, Visibility, Keywords, Backlinks, Ranking, and Competitors Settings. The traffic section offers you with the details about your competitor’s traffic such as that number of paid, organic, and social traffic they get.


  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Sends some weekly reports to your inbox
  • Offers various options to set permission to various users
  • Auto generate keywords


  • You can only access some features using the paid plan

Backlinks is an essential as well as a precious component of any SEO process. The option of Backlinks enables you to monitor the backlinks to your website. The product has three main subdivisions namely: All Backlinks, Backlinks Overview, and Broken Backlinks. This RankActive review also covers on the project reports. If you want to ultimately analyze your website’s growth, you will find the RankActive software very beneficial. The Project Reports feature allows you to see all data that the software has collected and it is also possible to view scheduled reports, Analytics, receive Ranking, or Auditor Report.

The features of RankActive have no limitation. You can see on this RankActive review how it can be helpful to anyone participating in online business or just like an online marketer. When you want to rank high in the position of the search engines result page, it is crucial for you to be ready for the search engine. As a result, you will require an SEO tool that can boost your rankings in the Search Engines. RankActive is the right option for those people who want to control their Backlinks, Spy on the competitor’s site, compare results and Improve their ranking.