How I made my first Affiliate Marketing Sale!

So for several months I’ve spun my wheels with Affiliate Marketing mainly due to a lack of consistent commitment on my own behalf. After having the well-known shiny object syndrome well and truly and “dabbling” in many different methods I believe I have found one that works for me.

It’s so simple!

For me the strangest thing about it is that it was so simple. For months I have sponged up so much information about the best way to get my first commission, yet I failed to take any consistent action, let alone get results. I came across a series of videos that Youtuber Mike Vestil had created in conjunction with internet marketing legend Gerry Cramer. From these videos I was able to piece together and reverse engineer their winning strategy, and it was as simple as this-

Facebook Ad Campaign -> Presell Page -> Good Quality Affiliate Offer

Ok so yes the there’s a bit more to it, but basically this is all it was.

So, I guess, you have to learn how to run an ad campaign without blowing your budget, create a presell page that gets people into buying mode, and choose a campaign that actually sells itself.

Here’s an image of my first Clickbank commission – it’s like a newborn child to me.



Ok so now for the fineprint.

SO my Facebook ad campaign that I ran to bring about this sale cost me about the same amount that I earnt from it. So it’s not 100 % success as yet.

The ads were very successful in bringing through traffic- I was paying a CPC of around 0.50c AUD. From what I’ve read this is a very successful cost per click for my niche.

Knowledge bomb..

I heeded the advice that the image used is the most important for generating interest in your campaign – and even that ugly images attract attention in the neat, clean world of Facebook Marketing.

The presell page was perhaps not as good a success, it resulted in a clickthrough rate around 20%, which I feel is a bit disappointing. I may be wrong and let me know in the comments below what you think of that rate for a presell.

Key with a presell page from what I am lead to believe is that you need to whet the customer’s appetite in order to help them want to buy. Traffic coming from Facebook isn’t raging hot like that form a platform like adwords; it needs to be successfully transitioned into buy mode.

I think my presell page has some of that about it but maybe misses some of the attention-holding ability the big time affiliate marketers have.

I would love any comments or examples of anyone that has a good converting ugly image for facebook ads, or a presell page that goes at > 20%.